Ways of being a supportive partner during pregnancy

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Ways of being a supportive partner during pregnancy

There are a lot of challenges that come with pregnancy. First, your woman’s body is changing, her legs have probably swelled up and she cannot do things that she would do before. As a partner this where you come in. you are here helper so support here.

However, just because all the attention is on you, that doesn’t mean that you neglect your man. Show him some love and appreciate him.

If you are wondering how you can be a supportive partner, look no further, here are some tips to help you achieve that.

Prioritize her

One way of being a supportive husband is by prioritizing her even more. This period might require you to sacrifice your freedom a bit more. It’s crucial to be there for your wife when she needs you especially when the due date is around the corner.

It can be quite disappointing when a man is out with the boys while she is in pain. Focus on her and be constantly present during the pregnancy.

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Help her without being asked to

While she is pregnant, doing some tasks she’s used to can be difficult. You might be used to seeing her active around the house cooking, doing the laundry and handling other tasks. Now, she’s probably very sore and tired.

A way of showing love and care is offering to handle some of those tasks without being forced or asked to. This will definitely show her that you are devoted to her and that you care about her.

Be patient with her

Pregnancies involve all sorts of hormones. At one point, she might be smiling with you and the next, overly emotional. She might even want a certain meal and reject it later on.

This can be confusing when you are not aware of what causes these shifts. If she gets overly sensitive and upset about something small, try not to take things too personally and avoid a reactive response. You might end up saying things you don’t mean which you’ll later regret. Listen to her and don’t invalidate her feelings.

You have to understand that she is not exactly the same as how she used to be so accepting these changes and she will appreciate you more.

Be affectionate

Men also crave love and affection. While most of the attention is on you and the baby, he might end up feeling left out and ignored.

He’ll not tell you that he wants more attention or even more kisses from you. Ensure that he doesn’t feel lonely within the relationship by showing him some love too and appreciation.

 Encourage him

While you are pregnant, you are bound to be very emotional and irritable. At times, it might seem like your partner just can’t seem to do anything right.

You might even find yourself yelling at him and throwing tantrums when something has inconvenienced you. It’s important to understand that your approval is important when he does something right.

Be a supportive partner by paying attention when he does something right. This will definitely help him feel loved and encouraged.