VIDEO: 3 delicacies that Uhuru Kenyatta must eat when he visits Mombasa

President Uhuru Kenyatta enjoying a meal at Barka restaurant. [Photo/File]

President Uhuru Kenyatta is currently in a meeting with members of his cabinet and top State officials and security officers in Mombasa.

Uhuru’s visits in the Coastal City come in less than a week after he last visited where last time he announced the cabinet reshuffle and this time round he is holding a security meeting due to the rise in insecurity.

However, apart from the high profile meetings the head of state has also been visiting Mombasa to sample the local cuisine.

According to Mr Fayaz Daya, the owner of Barka restaurant in Mombasa town the president has visited them a record four times to sample their delicacies.

“Since he started visiting our restaurant we have experienced booming business this is the fourth time he is visiting,” said Fayaz.

Fayaz also revealed that the president who visited them on Thursday is a lover of three delicacies that keeps him coming to their establishment.

“Mostly he comes for the biriani, pilau and the tamarind juice(Juice ya ukwaju),” he said.

Mombasa residents who found themselves in the premises when the president visited said despite him not catering for their bills they were just humbled that he accepted to shake their hands.