Unscrupulous ways Nairobi women revenge on their cheating husbands

Unscrupulous ways Nairobi women revenge on their cheating husbands

A marriage should be a long lasting commitment to the persons involved and so when infidelity occurs, the innocent person do feel betrayed and really hurt emotionally.

Infidelity is not only about physical cheating but it also includes emotional cheating.

So women living in Nairobi have developed interesting ways to taming the cheating men, below are some of the means developed.

  1. Hacking and connecting their phones to you

Some women in Nairobi have resorted to having their spouses phones hacked by IT gurus.

Some of the women say that this is the only way to catch the cheating partners in action. by hacking the phones, whatever message that the husband sends out can be viewed by the woman or the other persons who’s phones are connected.

2. Bedding the hubby’s best-friend

Quite a good number of women also say that having sex with the mans best-friend, helps to solve their problems.

This is because no man would love to share there women. When their women have sex with their friends it seriously hurts their ego and makes them think twice on their actions.

3. Visiting the mganga

I consider this to be one of the extreme cases  but women are doing this.

A woman said that she went to get a love potion that would make the husband to only have sex with her. quite an interesting way of keeping your man.

4. Harambee beating

Women in the slums have resorted to beating the cheating spouses. This is a scenario where the woman calls all here friends and then they  teach the cheating man a lesson of his life time.

5. Steel wool fattening

Some women are grinding steel wool and putting it in the men’s food. The unsuspecting men will devour the food but after 6 months of that they will start making endless trips to the doctors office with digestive ailments.

6. Outsourcing for babies

Women with cheating spouses are also outsourcing for babies from other men, then making there husbands raise them.

The truth is ,its only the mothers who know the fathers of their babies. Husbands have been raising kids who don’t belong to them. When asked some of them said that it was a form of punishment to the cheating partners.

To men in Nairobi, now you know.