Top 7 job websites in Kenya 2019

Top 7 job websites in Kenya 2019
Top 7 job websites in Kenya 2019

Top 7 job websites in Kenya 2019

Job recruitment can be costly and slow especially while using traditional recruitment advertising such as newspapers, television, magazines, brochures among many others. Imagine waking up in the morning to que at the post office in town to submit a job application. Most probably it will take approximately two weeks before it is received.

Consequently, traditional job advertising can stop your business from growing at the pace you would like it to. For instance, when a company or an organization need to recruit employees within a short period of time. As a company, this is where you should target online recruitment advertising because it is convenient, fast and reliable.

According to Huawei’s 2018 report entitled ‘Tap into New Growth with Intelligent Connectivity’ Kenya was awarded a global connectivity index (GCI) of 29, making it one of the top countries in Sub-Saharan Africa in installing broadband networks and investing in various enabling technologies. As a result, most jobs and job recruitment systems in Kenya have gone online/digitized.

Here is a list of top 7 job websites in Kenya.

  1. Fuzu

Fuzu is your personal career companion that provides you with exciting job opportunities, new skills and career guidance at every step of the way. In this job website, users register by creating an online CV or uploading your CV online. Once you fill in your information, you will get recommendations for open positions that are a good match. We will also recommend you online short courses as well as interesting career tips that help you improve your chances on the job market. You can also set your career your goal and we will guide you through making it reality. For more visit;

  1. Brighter Monday

Founded in Kenya in 2006 and operating in all East African markets, BrighterMonday is committed to the goal of maximizing the opportunities for East Africa’s job seekers and employers. BrighterMonday forms part of the investment portfolio of Ringier One Africa Media. Users are allowed to register to while applying for different job opportunities. For more visit;


  1. Job Web Kenya is a job recruitment portal in Kenya and scholarship listing. The website provides top notch CV and cover letter writing tips for graduates. For employers, JobWebKenya serves as a powerful recruitment tale to get the right candidates for a job.

For more visit;

  1. My Jobs in Kenya

This job website provides job opportunities across Africa in countries including Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. All My Jobs in Kenya services that facilitate applications for employment are free of charge. For more visit;

  1. Career Point Kenya

This job website provides a listing of the newest job’s vacancies posted in the last one hour. Users are able to browse jobs by their profession in the different categories. For more visit;

  1. Best jobs Kenya

This job website helps users to find jobs by allowing them to sign up an account on the website. One is able to browse through different job opportunities in various counties around the country. For more visit;

  1. Advance Africa

Advance Africa enables thousands of students in developing countries get scholarships and further their education. For more visit;