Top 6 Websites to Download Kenyan Music

Top 6 Websites to Download Kenyan Music
Top 6 Websites to Download Kenyan Music

Top 6 Websites to Download Kenyan Music

Bob Marley once said that “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” The word “music” comes from the Muses, goddesses of the arts in Greek mythology. Who doesn’t like music? It can do wonders for your mood and health; it cheers you up from sadness.

But sometimes we listen to music on different media channels such as television, radio or from the internet but can’t download it to listen to it at our convenience.

Most people would prefer to have their favorite playlist on their mobile/smart phones.

Here is a list of Top 6 Websites to Download Kenyan Music

  1. Songa by Safaricom

Songa is where you get unlimited access to millions of songs and your entire music library — totally ad-free.

As you use Songa, you get to listen to your music on-demand, online or offline, wherever and whenever you want, and have music at your fingertips for waking up, chilling out and living life. Songa’s music editors and smart technology help you discover new music and songs that match your personal taste and emotion.

Top 6 Websites to Download Kenyan Music
Top 6 Websites to Download Kenyan Music

Songa Features:

• Stream over 2.5 million songs from the Songa music catalog
• Save cellular data and take your music anywhere. Just download your favorites to your smartphone.
• Create your own playlists, or listen to mixes Songa creates based on what you’ve been listening to.
• Get personalized recommendations based on the music you already love, updated daily.
• Hear your favorite radio presenters and their shows on Songa radio live or listen to your favourite radio stations ad free.
• Availability and features may vary by country. Membership renews automatically after trial.
• Hussle free payments via your Airtime on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
• Share your song playlists or keep them private
• Create unlimited music playlists that align to your emotions or moods

You can download the Songa App on your mobile phone;


Based in Nairobi Kenya, Kenyan Musik Entertainment is an internet company, magazine, digital brand and an online marketing platform.

It is by so far one of the most popular music download websites in Kenya providing reviews and news about Kenyan Music Industry. You can download manual Free, convert audio files and listen to free live radio. For more click;



Mdundo fight to make music accessible to everyone in Africa:Download the Mdundo App on playstore.

Top 6 Websites to Download Kenyan Music
Top 6 Websites to Download Kenyan Music

Mdundo  Features;

  • Instant FREE access to Africa’s biggest hits.
  • Stream new music and download your favourites.
  • Enjoy new DJ mixes every week.
  • Discover the newest tracks.
  • One of Africa’s biggest music catalogue.

Not on Android? Listen & Download music from our website In order to compensate our musicians, Mdundo Free version contains commercial breaks.

Tired of commercial breaks and no offline access? Get Mdundo Premium and enjoy the full experience.
Log in with Facebook to get a free trial.

  • $3 / month – Google Wallet Global.
  • 199ksh / month – Mobile Money Kenya.
  • 5,000tsh / month – Mobile Money Tanzania.

This is how you pay (Kenya):

  1. Send 199 Kenyan Shillings to paybill number 951 802 – account number “Mdundo”.
  2. You will receive an SMS with a PIN number and a link.
    • To access premium on com – Click on URL.
    • To access premium on the Mdundo App on playstore. – Enter PIN in app.
  3. You now have premium.

This is how you pay (Tanzania):
Coming soon…
This is how you pay (Global):

  1. Only available in the Mdundo Appon playstore.
  2. Click on “Get Premium”.
  3. Click “Google Wallet” and follow instructions.
  4. Close and reopen app.
  5. You now have premium



Aipate has absolutely the best variety of latest and old school musical genres from across Kenya and the rest of the world. At Aipate, you can download, Genge, Rhumba, Kigoco, Taarab, Kenyan Soul, Kapuka among many other. This platform provides music artists insights, singles and albums. For more go to;

Get Mziki is a music listing website featuring urban music from Africa. Most of the music is available as a free download.

Get Mziki is fully owned by a San Francisco based company Get Mziki LLC. In conjunction with Black Star Entertainment, Get Mziki has stood by building local East African Music. For more visit;

  1. 64 HIIPHOP

64 HIPHOP is Kenya’s #1 on-line source for hip hop news, interviews, music, reviews and more. 64 HIPHOP strive to be a premium platform for Kenyan music and promote artists alike. 64 HIPHOP work hand in hand with professionals who have deep knowledge and understanding in the music industry and serve as a direct link between artists and fans alike.

64 HIPHOP Recording studio.

The studio has been involved in dozens and dozens of hit records for a widely diverse clientele. Among the components include a multimedia computer, Behringer B1 Condenser Microphone, Behringer UMX 490 MIDI Keyboard, Behringer Truth 2031A Audio Monitor Speakers, Behringer Firepower FCA 610 Firewire/USB Audio MIDI Interface. The end result is a state-of-the-art, private, recording studio featuring some of the best gear, ranging from the vintage classics to the latest technology, set in a friendly and creative environment.