I used to wash bottles at Industrial Area: Comedia Churchill

Comedian Churchill (PHOTO/INSTAGRAM)

Comedian Daniel Ndambuki alias Churchill has opened up on his life struggles before landing fame.

In an interview with Mpasho the comedian recounted his humble beginnings, while working at Industrial Area as a casual laborer.

“I used to work in Industrial Area washing bottles and I would be paid peanuts. The money wasn’t enough for food and transport. Things were not easy back then,” he said.

He has over the years been open to sharing his life story.

While speaking on Inspirational Thursday with Jeff  Koinange years back he narrated how he first started, revealing that “his journey to success was not a walk in the park.”

“I used to get sh 150 per day, and you know you have to beg. The lady who used to take all our money was the lunch lady. You had to eat so when you get paid, she is also there collecting her money.”

“You have to pay your rent and eat and people at home are waiting for you it was a journey, for two and a half years,” he said.

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Asked whether he thought he would succeed. Churchill said back then he exuded hope in the midst of his challenges that one day his dreams would come to pass.

“I knew God had a plan for me but He was just waiting for the right time. You know God’s time is the right time, so I was patient when I was wearing those kabutis when they were picking me or when I had to go home when I have not been picked, I knew someday things will be fine,” he said.

Churchill added: “I never gave up and we used to have so much fun, more fun than the people at the administration.”

Basing it on his journey to stardom the comedian through his morning show Maina and King’ang’ i,(a show he co-hosts alongside Maina Kageni on classic 105) is known to encourage young people to be resilient, work hard towards their goals and never give up in life no matter the struggle.

“You have to keep on trying, that’s why when you have taken such a long journey when someone tries to pull you down, really it’s a macho ya chura. Where you have come from its far, where you are going it’s even further. You need just to stick to the goal,” he went on to say.

True to his word, in the long run, it has surely paid off. Now Churchill is reaping fruits of his hard labour.

He has built industry to his name, he has a comedy television show the Churchill show, an academy, and he also hosts the Kids Festival which always has a large turnout.