Tips for millennial’s on office romance


Tips for millennial’s on office romance

With the Millenials in workplaces, the rate at which office romances are budding is alarming.

Office romance can easily turn into a sexual harassment suit when the involved parties don’t do their due diligence to know what is allowed and not.

In a study conducted in the country, it emerged that 80% of the women in workplaces are not comfortable with sexual advances from their male colleagues.

In the UK, 5% of the companies have prohibited sexual relations in the office to protect and create a conducive working environment.

So before you get yourself into trouble and get fired for hitting on your colleagues, here are a few tips to protect you.

Be discrete and professional

However much you guys are dating, it is important to be discrete about it. You have a conversation with your partner about how you will be relating at work.

The fact that you are dating each other that doesn’t mean that you stop being professional toward each other.

Leave no room for misunderstanding

If you are considering dating your colleague be clear about what your intentions are. This will help you avoid leading your colleague on hence preventing controversies.

If you are planning to have your colleague accompany you for a work trip be clear about so that no expectations are formed.

Do not touch you female colleagues

You may not have bad intentions but you don’t know what your colleague might think. So do not touch your female colleague with her consent. This applies to even hugs if you haven’t been allowed to, keep your hands to yourself.

Learn to maintain a dignified distance and how to express your support verbally.

Learn to take NO for an answer

When you are interested in a female colleague, go ahead and make known of your intention. If she turns you down accept that and move on, don’t go pestering her and even worse stalking her.

Always keep it in mind that you have signed up to be colleagues and not dating partners so respect her decision.

Don’t air your dirty linen in public

All relationships have their highs and lows and no one is perfect. So when it comes to that avoid airing your dirty linens in public and especially in the office.

This kind of behaviours just show how immature and childish you both are. Keep your issues out of the office.

Avoid public display of affection

However irresistible your partner may be looking keep your hands off each other. Always keep it in mind that workplaces have CCTV cameras even in the elevators.

So wait until you guys get home to avoid getting in unnecessary trouble.