Things that you should not take from a hotel room

A well maintained hotel room Photo/Pinterest

Things that you should not take from a hotel room

Staying in a luxurious hotel provides us with extra comfort and luxuries that we cannot get at home. These luxuries are meant to take care of your basic needs while you will be staying at the premise.

There are things that as a guest, it is normal and okay to pick from your hotel rooms. Some guests have gone a little bit overboard. These guest go the extra mile of even picking the light bulbs and even the small potted plants in the room.

What are the things that you should and shouldn’t take from the rooms? Always remember that by taking what you are not supposed to take, you will incur some extra billing.

Things that you can take home with you.


Hotels often throw away half-empty bottles of toiletries so if you have used the little shampoos and conditioners, it’s generally accepted that you can take them home as you’re probably doing the environment a favour.

If you haven’t touched them then you may want to consider leaving them behind but if you do take them, the hotel is unlikely to complain.


If you’ve been wearing those cosy slippers all weekend, the hotel will have to throw them away anyway, so it’s usually deemed acceptable for guests to take them home.

Laundry bag:

Hotels often have a laundry bag hanging in the wardrobe, and while this is usually for the in-hotel service if you forgot to bring one for your dirty laundry, it’s usually acceptable to take it.

Pens and notepads:

These are popular as they are little mementoes of the hotel and usually, hotels won’t mind if you do take these. Plus when the next guest comes in, they will be replaced if you had used them.

What you shouldn’t take from your room

Bed linen and pillows:

If you take these, it costs the hotel a significant amount to replace, so it’s likely that they will charge you if it’s missing when your room is cleaned after you’ve left. (If you really love the linen, ask at reception and they might be able to tell you where they bought it!).


Taking towels from a hotel room is frowned upon, and most hotels will charge you if yours go missing.

Mugs, glasses and electric kettles:

Do you really want a mug that’s been used by hundreds of strangers before you? Some hotels sell branded crockery in their gift shops, a nice new one will be far cleaner!

Dressing gowns:

Unlike slippers, hotels can easily wash dressing gowns which have been used by guests. These are expensive to replace for the hotel, so you’re likely to be charged.


Books in the hotel room are there for you to enjoy during your stay, but this isn’t a library so you do need to leave them behind.

Potted Plants:

If you love the look of the plant so much, just ask at reception what type it is, and head to your local plant market at home instead.

Light bulbs:

These are some of the most commonly stolen items from hotel rooms, but they are not actually up for grabs. If you take them, it’s likely the hotel will charge you an extra fee.

The grey area

Tea bags and complimentary coffee can be a divisive one.

These often come free with the hotel room, so some argue that if you drink it, you won’t be charged extra and therefore taking them home is no different.

However, if you haven’t used the tea or coffee, it may be worth leaving it behind.