The stages everyone goes through after a breakup

A couple that has had a disagreement

The stages everyone goes through after a breakup

When we sign up for relationships, nobody ever looks forward to a breakup. Things can happen and you find yourself in such a situation.

Truth be told, the pain that is associated with loosing a loved one is always unbearable. someone can easy get confused from such an experience.

At the end of the day it can only get easier when you understand what is going on.

Below are some of the stages that someone goes through;


You were in a relationship then it has come to an end, first things first, you will be in denial.  you might have had a good relationship with your partner but now its over and you cant just believe that its over.

so the first reaction is to go into the denial phase.


The next phase is anger. the partner who did not see the breakup coming always tends to get angry.

The questions that most people ask themselves is, wasn’t i good enough?, why did he/she leave? since you cannot always get the answer to these questions somebody can decide to go on a breaking spree which doesn’t solve the issue.

Your anger can be directed at different things, it can be persons around you, at yourself and even things around you.


In this phase the dumped party gets really sad and probably sits down to listen to the sad songs. Crying also becomes part of the package.

At this point they are now coming to terms with the breakup but they have not moved on.

Jealousy and competitiveness

In this phase, you start stalking your ex, you suddenly want to know what they are doing, who are they dating. This is a good place to be because you are now realizing that they are fully gone and there is no chance of you ever getting back together.


You have finally accepted that the relationship is over. At this point everything gets back to normal. No more crying, feeling angry or sad.

You get the feeling that you can concur the whole world. You get to finally understand why you people broke up in the fist place and you are beginning to appreciate everything that has happened.