Suffering from Insomnia? here are 5 Best Teas for you

Detox tea that is good for you in the morning

Suffering from Insomnia? here are 5 Best Teas for you

In the modern times, many people are finding it quite hard to get adequate sleep.

Lack of sleep can be caused by various reasons for example some people are too stressed to get enough sleep.

However, this doesn’t have to be an issue any more. With these teas, an individual can get enough sleep.

  1. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea always tops the list when it comes to sleep time tea.

Chamomile is well know for its calming effect. The tea has been used for centuries as a traditional medicine to treat anxiety, insomnia and to relieve stress.

2. Lemon balm tea

Tea made from lemon balm is deliciously sharp and helps induce calmness.

This tea is derived from Lemon balm plant which is part of the mint family. As a result, lemon balm tea has a calming effect on the nerves.

Due to this effect, the tea helps to reduce anxiety and insomnia.

3. Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea is made from a hybrid between traditional spearmint and water-mint plant.

The mint plant is found in residential gardens and here in Kenya, it can be found in market places.

Mint plant is known to be an anti-stress tea which contains anti- inflammatory properties that relaxes the muscles and encourages calm.

For pregnant women, peppermint tea alleviates nausea hence it curbs the  morning sickness hence ensuring better sleep.

4. Lemon grass tea.

Lemon grass tea is an exceptional sleep aid. It stimulates the release of chemicals and hormones. The tea triggers the release of serotonin which is responsible for improving a persons mood.

The tea is useful to people who are restless before bed as the sedative effect of it reduces stress while serotonin increases contentment feeling.

5. Passionflower tea

This tea is derived from both fresh and dried leaves of the passion plant.

Passion flower contains flavone  which is found in honey that induces calmness  and soothes the muscles to increase mental repose.

It features a mild taste that is vegetal, floral and earthy green