Stop sending Kenyan girls bus fare: Millie Odhiambo lectures Kenyan men

If you are a kin follower and lover of social media trends, then you must be familiar with the online discussion and rib-cracking ‘Tuma fare’ (send me money for fare memes. A conversation that is centered around Kenyan ladies on how they entice their lovers to send them money for fare so as to visit them regularly.

In a recent Facebook post, Suba North MP Millie Odhiambo gave her two cents on the matter. According to the legislature, all parties who are in a relationship ought to be responsible for their finances during visits to each other’s houses.


“Why send money, to begin with, in an equal world let everyone pay for their own fare… if you are foolish enough to send money to a woman, that is not a relationship, you are an ATM,”

“Relationships should not be commercialized by either men or women,” she added.

To her, she describes men who dish out fare to women to facilitate regular visits to their places as ATM’s. Why? You may ask. To Ms. Mabona she says that such actions go against the very foundations of how relationships are intended to be.