Stawi: Stawi Mobile App Review and How to register

How to Request and Repay for a Stawi Loan
How to Request and Repay for a Stawi Loan

Stawi: Stawi Mobile App

About Stawi

Stawi is a digital credit product for small and micro-entrepreneurs. As a business person, you get an account for your digitized business operations and most importantly, access to business loans to help with your plans of growing the business.

Stawi enables you to grow your credit limit by receiving payments on your account and maintaining good performance on your loan repayments.


How to register for the Stawi Loan Facility

Unlike most android based loan apps, Stawi loan app registration has been simplified and does not involve the ambiguity seen in former apps. All you have to do is follow below simple steps;

  1. Download Stawi app from the google play store here on your android device
  2. Click on “OPEN YOUR ACCOUNT” to register
  3. Provide your mobile phone number
  4. Then either of the following; Kenyan Identification number (ID), valid Kenyan passport number, alien ID
  5. Enter your valid business permit/license followed by,
  6. A valid email address
  7. You’ll receive a text notification confirming your registration