Socialite Bridget Achieng unveils mysterious lover’s face for the first time (Photo)


Former Nairobi Diaries actress Bridget Achieng has finally revealed the face of her Nigerian man.

Achieng took to her Instagram account where she shared a photo of the father to her son Sekani.

“Who does @sekani_rich_ resemble more?? Me or the dad…veeery long debate with my girls it’s about time I know what the public thinks…”

“Who does my baby boy @sekani_rich_ resemble? Me or the dad?? I need to know what his online uncles and aunties think …it’s about time,” she posted.

Going through the comment section, fans didn’t clearly ascertain who Sekani resembles the most.

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Fans gave their views of who the child resembled. And judging from the comments there was no clear cut, as some were for Achieng while others rooted for the supposed father whose name is yet to be established.

sparrow_ceo “He looks like his Godfather”


kendikenyaofficialOk you but his eyes are looks like the dad but majorly you”

aliciaahawo “Kura ni nusu nusu😂😂😂😂

oliviakeruboMdomo ni yake macho ya babake🥰”

iceemoore “His dad of course”

carolearchi “Nope he resembles you”

raychelwamboI actually think he looks like u…”

dorryokoyoHis father mpaka eyebrows”

muhindijunior “Honestly he looks more like you”

z.twaha2014The handsome❤️

phylliskariukiDaddy Most def”

iamreal_thickmadame “I love you Bridget. But he looks like his daddy

yvonnemwanyolo “Hapa baba kabsa..”

In the wake of her pregnancy, Achieng was the talk of the town, as she found herself on the receiving end.

Late last year fellow actor Trap King Chrome accused her of faking her pregnancy, claiming that Sekani was not her biological son but her sister’s.

In an interview with a local daily, Achieng dismissed Chrome’s allegations terming it as nonsensical and false propaganda.

“Like I hear the other day Trap King had a lot to say about my baby akasema hadi mtoto si wangu. Sekani is a photocopy of me. Okay hio tumbo nilitia wapi? Ama hio pia ilikuwa fake. You see I understand maisha ni ngumu. Bridget sahii ndio hutrend… I want everyone to eat. Wacha watu waongee wasipoongea juu ya Bridget wataongea juu ya nani?” She said.

She went on to warn celebrities who are out to make ends meet against tarnishing her reputation and using her son’s name.

“Imagine baby Sekani a very innocent boy who doesn’t even know anything. For someone to look for five minutes of fame with his name si inamaanisha huyo mtoto ni important sana. Huyo mtoto ako na followers wengi hata kukushinda. Uko na audacity ya kuongea juu ya mtoto hata hajafikisha 18 years. Shame on you!” she said.