Singer who jailed two young Rugby players, speaks for the first time


Singer Wendy Kerubo has for the first time shared her ordeal on what transpired on the night of 10 February, where she was allegedly gang-raped by two rugby friends.

Speaking during an interview on Unscripted with Grace, Wendy relived the torturous day of what she encountered on that horrific night.

“It was my birthday, 10 February. The plan was to go out with my friends, have a good time then go back home. But unfortunately, things didn’t turn out the way I had planned to I ended up spending the night at a friend’s house,” she said.

Apparently the friend’s whose house, Wendy spent the night turned out to be one of the assailants.

“This is someone I knew, this is someone I trusted and when we got to the house, unfortunately, things took a turn for the worst and I was assaulted and abused that night. I really didn’t realize what was happening at first because I was unconscious.”

“So I was slipping in and out of consciousness. I highly believe they drugged me because I was very okay when I got there. I admit that it was my birthday and we had a few but at the same time I knew I was aware of my surrounding,” she said.

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“Then I realized, I’m here, it’s the middle of the night I can’t do anything, I can’t run anywhere so I just decided, okay, let’s just keep quiet, I can’t do anything, it won’t last forever. So let’s just wait until hopefully, it will end.

Asked why she didn’t report the matter to the police. She said that she feared that she was ashamed, feared that no one would believe her and she blamed herself for the incident.

“I bought a lot of pills, I know my family doesn’t know this but I really wanted to end my life at that point,” she said.

In the midst of the confusion, her predicament took a toll for the worst. At around two to three weeks later she found out that she was pregnant.

“That was like my fear, I really prayed to God like if anything happens; let it not be worse than this and it happened. And that was like my breaking point. I felt like I cannot stay, I cannot live,” she said.

But she, later on, changed her mind and decided to live for her expected bundle of joy.

“Around the fifth month of the pregnancy, unfortunately, I suffered an unexpected miscarriage. I remember we rushed to the hospital because it started happening at home so by the time we got to the hospital the doctor checked on me and they told me ‘okay, you know we have to remove the child because it is harmful to you right now’ and the miscarriage had already started happening.”

On August 16, 2019, Frank Wanyama and Alex Olaba were sentenced to 15 years in jail despite their argument that the incident was consensual.

The duo played for Kenya Harlequin and the national rugby 7s team.