Singer Akothee calls out radio station for calling her maskini


Celebrated singer Akothee has bashed Radio Jambo for referring to her with the word maskini.

Apparently, the station posted a story on their blog on how the singer was mistreated while in the United States, a move that made her arrive late for a show.

The supposed blog wrote: poor Akothee Maskini Akothee was forced to apologize to her fans for getting late.

However, the sweet love hit maker did not take it lightly.

Sharing on her Facebook page the self-proclaimed President of Single Mothers said that she hates being refer to with such remarks.

Maskini inatoka wapi sasa @radiojambokenya, na ile Best female Artist award Muliona kweli mkanipongeza kabla kunihurumia mimi na mafans. Kenya nimehama? Kuna baadhi za majina sipendi kuitwa kamwe kama vile vile “maskini ” chaai NEVER ,I don’t like sympathy, encouragement is key encourage and congratulate me please ,mambo ya wuoishee wachana nayo #calpolis,” she said.