Signs that you need to change for the sake of your relationship

Signs that you need to change for the sake of your relationship

Love is sweet but at the same time, it is never a bed of roses. Without even realizing it, you could be the one pushing him away by your actions and reactions. you might have been doing stuff that according to you might be normal but to him, they are a great turn off.

Here are some of the signs that if you note in him, girl you have to change if you want your relationship back

Forcing him to commit

Ladies, you can never force a man to commit if he doesn’t want to. This is the same as trying to force someone to love you, like it never going to happen.

The most likely thing to happen when you trying forcing him is that he will withdraw from you.

When you notice that, its time for you to change for the better.

sex becomes a non-issues

If you are not emotionally available and not meeting his sexual need, trust the guy to wander off. There is no rocket science behind that.

Intimacy strengthens your emotional bonds and the lack of it is likely to have a strain on your relationship. For a healthy relationship, you should not be a woman of many excuses.

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You don’t listen to him

This is one of the worst traits of many women. Men love it when you listen to them. If you are more of a talker than a listener, you will notice him getting less interested in your talks, mostly doing something else as you talk.

You are always seeing him as a burden

When it gets to the point where you feel your partner is a burden, first off, you might have to sit down and decide whether you want to fix the relationship or move on.

He starts to cut down on the communication

When the communication starts cutting down on the communication, girl you need to think twice about your relationship,

Strong relationships are formed from frequent communication between both parties.