Signs that you are having a burnout

A frustrated man at awork

Signs that you are having a burnout

Having a burn out simply means that you are collapsing under the weight of work and stress. Although, work doesn’t just mean your job. It means all the stuff that you have to do in the day that you have committed to.

When you are burned out, you have been pushed to your max and you are stressed out. There are many different signs of this, but the following are the most common signs that people complain about.

You are so tired

You don’t have any health condition but you are so tired and you can’t explain it. You may even be drained to the point that you can’t focus and do what you need to do, so you give up and go lay down or watch TV or do something that doesn’t require any effort.

Your duties at work and home may suffer because of it too. You may miss important deadlines because you just can’t get the energy to do them, or you may forget about them altogether.

You don’t get anything done

When you are having a burnout, you don’t get anything done or I you do it is not well done. This can affect your office work, home life and social life.

Your home life may be suffering in the sense that your house may look a lot less clean than it used to. You may not have anything in order and you may be losing more stuff in your home that you could have sworn you just had.

You want to get-away

You are fed up with things, and you want out. You want out so badly that you are thinking about shrugging off all your responsibilities and leaving today without telling anyone where you are going.

When are having a burn out at work, you keep looking at your watch asking yourself when the day will come to an end.

You can’t make any decision

Even on the most important things, your decision-making skills are lacking. Left, right, up, down you don’t know which way you should go anymore.

You seem to have brain fog and can’t see clearly, so you can’t pick a choice that makes sense to you. And, it is making you angry and sad at the same time because it doesn’t feel like you are moving anywhere in life. You are stuck at a crossroads, and even though there are many options available to you, you just can’t pick which way to go.