How to Register and Bet on Bungabet

How to Register and Bet on Bungabet
How to Register and Bet on Bungabet

How to Register and Bet on Bungabet


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About Bungabet

Bungabet is Kenya’s favorite sports betting service. They pride themselves on excellent customer service, consistently higher odds, easy deposit, and instant withdrawal. They provide the widest variety of events and games – Sports, Virtuals, etc. and as a multi-channel platform – Desktop, Mobile Web, Mobile Apps (iOS and Android), they provide our customers the best options for accessing their favorite sports betting service and employ local staff to meet your needs

Bungabet is Licensed by the Republic of Kenya Betting Control and Licensing Board under the Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Act 1966. All data and content on this website is the property of Bungabet and its partners and may not be used without permission.

How to Register on Bungabet


1. Why do I need to be registered?

Registration on the website is a condition for using all the products available on the website. Registration entitles you to open a Bungabet account free-of-charge and without obligations. Use the account to manage your bets and personal data. You can make bets with real money after you replenish your account.

1. How to make a bet on Bungabet?

First, log in with your username and password. Select one or several bets from our line-up and use the mouse to click on an estimated outcome. Your bet will then appear in the bet slip on the right-hand side of the page. Next, specify the amount you wish to stake and your preferred type of bet (single, system or chain). In the third and final phase, you can either confirm the bet or cancel it. Please note that our GTCs do not permit the cancelation of any bets once they have been placed.


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2. What are the types of bets?

At Bungabet you can choose different types of bets. Starting with one prediction, you can use the “Single” bet option (single), with two or more predictions you can place “Express” bets, and with three or more predictions you can place a “System” or “Chain” bet. And if you would prefer to place “Single” or “System” bets, you need to select the desired option.

3. What is a “Single” bet?

A “Single” bet is the simplest form of betting. You predict an outcome, specify the desired stake and place the bet. If your prediction is correct, you win the bet. The winnings are calculated by multiplying the odds by the stake.

4. What is an “Express” bet and how is it calculated?

“Express” is a bet consisting of two or more events in which a necessary condition is that none of the events should lose. “Express” bets’ total odds are calculated by multiplying the odds of all the individual predictions.


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5. Which bets can be combined to form an “Express” bet?

The vast majority of the offered bets may be combined freely in an “Express” bet. There are a few exceptions, however, such as certain Formula – 1 bet that can only be placed as “Single” bets. The bookmakers decide which bets can be combined, and their decision is based on various factors, such as the respective game or the event. You will be informed of their decision by the time the bets are placed. Please note: several bets on the same event/outcome cannot be placed as an “Express” or “System” bet.


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6. What is the ”Chain” bet and how is it calculated?

A “Chain” bet is a combination of “Single” bets independent from each other. A necessary condition is winning the first event.

The procedure of chain calculation depends on the order of bets mentioned in the given ticket. From the winning of the first event, the sum equal to the bet for the second event is removed and the added sum makes the “Chain account”. If the next event is lost, the sum of the “Chain account” is used. Each next event is calculated by this principle. If the sum on the chain account is less than the sum of the first single bet – in the following event, the single bet is counted proceeding from what is left in the account.

If there isn’t any money left in the chain account, the chain is interrupted and the bet is lost. In the case of a win, the amount depends on the number of the events won and what their coefficients are.


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