Pregnancy self care essentials

Close up belly of married pregnant woman leaning on tree outdoors.

Pregnancy self-care essentials

Getting into a good routine during pregnancy can help ensure both you and the baby are safe and healthy before, during and after birth. That’s why there are essential things that no pregnant mum should skip on.

These self-care essentials are supposed to make your life simpler and comfortable. You may not like a few of these things such as exercising and taking supplements, but they are very important to the development of your baby.

What are these self-care essentials?

A healthy and balanced diet

When pregnant you definitely have a life developing in you. The last thing that you want to do is harm your baby. As a result of this, every pregnant mum should avoid all the harmful foodstuff and focus more on foods that can enhance growth and proper development of the baby.

Should take folic acid supplement

You should take a 400 micrograms folic acid tablet every day before you’re pregnant and until you’re 12 weeks pregnant.

Folic acid can help prevent birth defects known as neural tube defects, including spina bifida.

you can also consider taking vitamin D which is good for bone formation and strengthening. you should avoid vitamin A and its products.

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You may have neglected this before you got pregnant but now that you are, you need to stay hydrated at all the time.

Staying hydrated can prove beneficial to your skin as it prevents flaking of the skin and enhances a glow. Apart from that, it can also come in handy during labour, hence keeping the baby safe.

Apart from just taking water, you can buy moisturizers for your skin. This slows down the appearance of stretch marks.

Remember to stay active

Being active during pregnancy can be very useful to you during delivery that’s why you need to speak to your obstetrician and get advice on the best form of exercise that you should engage in.

Exercises help to stretch the muscles and keep you in shape hence preparing you for the task ahead. it also improves your energy levels, alleviate pain and discomfort, and lower your risk of pregnancy complications.

Get a goodnight rest

This might sound weird as most pregnant mums find it hard to get sleep but it is important. this is necessary because pregnancy can both be physically and emotionally demanding to a mum. so identify a comfortable position and try to get some sleep.