Pinky Ghelani shares the good and ugly side of her 13-year-old marriage


On Tuesday media personality Pinky Ghelani and husband Raj Singh Semhi celebrated their thirteen year anniversary.

In celebration of their union Pinky took her Instagram page narrating their highs and low moments in their marriage.

She said that the journey was marred with difficulty, noting that she lost her father in law and had a couple of miscarriages but through it all they weathered through the storm together.

“We had 2 ceremonies; the traditional one in Makindu on the 12th and the registered wedding on the 13th. I had no idea what can change in 13 years. We lost pregnancies, we lost his dad to cancer, and mum had a stroke. We became parents and so so much more!

“There’s so much growth that occurs when you face the ups and downs of life together. We understand each other more. It’s not that we don’t fight, we do. But we also laugh a lot. There’s no secret or trick in staying married… I wouldn’t say there’s a method,” said Ghelani.

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“There’s no one way in making a marriage work. You need to find your ebb and flow, you need to know yourself but most importantly you need to be happy”.

The mother of two, however, noted that now she is at a better place in life and enjoys every bit of her marriage.

“It’s our 13th year of being married! 21 years of being together in total. I cannot describe what being married is because it’s different for everyone,” wrote the media personality.

To fellow women in marriage and to those aspiring to one day take this big step she had this advice.

“In today’s world, the lines are blurring too…What do I pray for as a married woman?

“The strength to know that we are both evolving and the reminder that trust is the biggest gift a person can give you so not to misuse it. I also honour and respect this man and am grateful that we walk this journey in sync,” she concluded.



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