Oga Obinna in trouble for mocking short-stature Bongo movie star


Comedian Obinna Ike Igwee, who is popularly known as Obinna, found himself on the receiving end after posting a picture of short-statured Tanzanian Bongo movie actress Tausi Mdegela.

The comedian shared a photo of the actress, who had been pictured heavily pregnant, with the caption: “Boychild has no limits chissos!!

However, the post did not go well with a section of online users. A majority termed the remarks as offensive, since the post implied that people with disability were not entitled to leading normal lives.

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The offended netizens asked the presenter to pull down the post.

The actress delivered in early January. She shared the good news via her Instagram handle.

Obinna later pulled down the post but is yet to apologize.