Mistakes you are making with your foundation

A glowing flawless face

Mistakes you are making with your foundation

Makeup application is an art and kind of a complex one. This does not mean that you cant look nice, definitely with  some practice, you can get better at it , remember that practice makes perfect.

Foundations can help minimize the visibility of blemishes on the skin, hence boosting someones confidence.

It also gives you a good look, feel good vibe, I’m not saying that being natural is a bad idea but foundations gives you that a little extra look.

When choosing your foundation, you need to consider looking for something that will give you the best natural look. You don’t want to look like someone who got baking flour poured on them.

Some of the mistakes that ladies make include;

1. Testing the foundation on the arm 

When most ladies are purchasing their foundation, they actually test it on the arm to try to match it to their skin tone.

Ideally when making a purchase, test the foundation on the neck. This is because, the neck is close to the face and it gives the most ideal skin tone.

The skin on your arms can actually be lighter than on your face so take note of that.

2. Dirty application tools

Always clean your brushes and sponges frequently. dirty brushes affects the outcome of the application.

To avoid having a bad look courtesy to  a dirty brush, always keep them clean.

3. We forget important parts of the face



We often forget the cheeks or the top of the forehead. For a more natural look, we must always take care to cover the face completely when we apply makeup.

4We use an inappropriate formula



This all depends on your skin type. If your skin is dry, a liquid foundation is the best choice, because the cream or powder foundation remains impregnated in the fine lines of the face, making it look drier than it is. For oily skin it’s best to opt for a “water-based” or gel foundation.

5. We buy or test foundation in a poor light



Most stores have a fluorescent light this changes or influences the skin tone, so if there the new foundation looks flawless, in a natural light we could have a surprise. To find the perfect shade, we have to apply it on a small area of our skin and look in the mirror but in natural light. For example, find the nearest window and look in the mirror.