Men, 5 signs that she doesn’t like you

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Men, 5 signs that she doesn’t like you

Relationships don’t have to be complicated or difficult to handle. This is all dependent on how well you communicate with one another and solve your issues.

There have been a lot of complaints from men especially those who are trying to get into relationships about the mixed signals that they get from the ladies they are interested in.

I am going to try to summarize this by just stating a few of the signs that when you see as a man you can be sure that she doesn’t like you.

  1. She brings her girlfriends on your date

There is no better way to say this but if every time time that you invite her out on a date, she tags along her girlfriends, dude she’s not into you.

Normally when a lady is into a man, she tends to be possessive of the guy and would always want to spend quality time with him.

2. You always initiate everything

When a lady is in love, she really commits hard to the relationship. She will always care about you and show that she loves you.

So guy if you are the one who always checks on her , call her or even organizes all the dates, then man you need to move on because she doesn’t like you.

3. She compares you to other men

When she is into you, she cant afford to compare you to other men because she’s loyal to you.

People will always say that ladies compare men to their fathers but that okay because that is the first male contact they first had in life but that’s different.

So if your woman compares you to other men like her ex boyfriends and even other male figures in her life, then shes just not into you.

4. She only calls when she needs something

This is a bit interesting but if she only calls you when she needs something like probably if she is stuck and needs financial assistance or any other form of help then man, she not yours.

It might sound harsh but its the reality so you can save yourself all the trouble and hurt and move on.

5. She is to quick to accept the sex

This is hard to explain but i will try to , so women are emotional beings and this makes them touchy feely. This means that when shes into you, she will always want to touch you like hold your hand, put her arms over you and she would not mind holding you.

So when she skips all that and agree to have sex with you at the first mention of it, then she is not your woman.