Manager: Why Harmonize refused to perform at NRG concert


Jembe ni Jembe, the manager to bongo Flava artist Harmonise, has come out to clear air on the events surrounding December 29, Mombasa NRG concert that saw the crooner refusal to grace the stage.

According to Jembe, Harmonise snubbed the event because he hadn’t been paid his money in full.

“That was disrespect to my artiste by the event organisers. We couldn’t allow them to take advantage of us,” said Harmonize’s manager in an interview with Global Publishers.

However, reports indicate, that the Kainama hitmaker failed to honour an agreement he entered with the event’s organisers.

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It is alleged that Harmonise threw money to his fans, in the process the crowd that had gathered to welcome the Kainama hitmaker broke one side mirror and windscreen of the car he was cruising in.

The event’s organisers were therefore forced to deduct a substantial amount of money from his payment in order to pay for damages. A turn out of events that Harmonise disagreed with.