Majix Enga strikes again, threatens Olamide with pull down of song ‘Motigbana’


Kenyan producer Majix Enga aka Beat king has threatened Nigerian singer Olamide with pull-down of song dubbed Motigbana.

After the push of delete of Harmonise song Uno over copyright claims, now the producer claims that Olamide used his beats which he produced two years ago, and subsequently the song was produced a year later.

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“Olamide Pia Nakupa 1 week. My project file is two years old, your song is one year on YouTube. Otherwise, you can call and explain by end of this week,” he posted on Facebook.

Olamide is the second artist that the producer has warned against pull-down of song.

Last week saw the delete of Harmonise song ‘Uno’ over claims of copyright regulations.

Apparently, Enga alleged that Harmoise sampled the hook and beats used in his song with King Kaka Dundaing.

The matter is still under investigation.