LOST IN TIME – A new Kenyan film you must watch, today

Lost in Time- The movie. [Photo/File]

LOST IN TIME – A new Kenyan film you must watch, today

A new Kenyan movie that shines some light on the issues of mental health issues is out.

The new film going under the title Lost in time was fully shot in Kenya and took two years for the production team to finish the whole project.

According to the executive producer Jimmy Gor, the movie is a psychological thriller.

“It’s one of the movies you really have to watch because sometimes you are not actually sure because its the story of someone who has gone through some experiences which most of us do and the issue is if you go through something how does it affect you, and it affects us very differently,” said Gor.

Main stars in the film include George Mo alias Sam and 8-year-old Sifa alias Natasha Sakwa.

The movie has a specific focus on mental health here in Kenya. The Film is by Peter Kawa from Film Lab and screenplay is done by Edijoe Mwaniki and Andrew Odera is the director of photography.

The movie will premier on October 24 in a red carpet event.