Ladies, 5 signs that you are wearing a wrong bra size

A woman in a sports bra

Ladies, 5 signs that you are wearing a wrong bra size

A bra is something that every woman and even school going girls wear. Most of the time, ladies tend to wear the wrong size of bras unknowingly.

In a study conducted in the US, it was discovered that 80% of women, wore the wrong bra size. When as why they said that it was expensive to get fitting bras as they costed much.

This is the same reason that women in Kenya give. to get the correct fitting for a bra, a woman will have to part with close to 800/= which some cannot afford.

However we still got you covered, here are some of the signs that can clearly tell you where you are on the right track or not.

  1. The straps are cutting into your shoulders

Bras are not supposed to cause you bodily harm. they are supposed to provide support and comfort.

If you have that one bra that cuts into the skin, then you need to get the right size that aint too tight for you.

2. Band rises up on your back

The bra is supposed to provide support so the band will ony rise is the band is big.

The weight of the breast will then cause the band to move up your back. Ideally if you are wearing the right bra size, the band size should not move up or be too tight.

3. the straps keeps falling off the shoulder

Straps were invented to support the breast,if they slip down, so does your boobs.

Bras should be tight enough to fit 2 fingers between it and the skin comfortably. This test is usually done at the back where the hooks are.

A solution for this could be to tighten them a bit to avoid the falling off. However this could be an indicator that your cup size is big and so they are not holding up properly.

If the adjusting doesn’t help, get a bra that is smaller next time you go shopping.

4. Gaps between the cup and breast

Another reason why you are wearing that bra is because its supposed to keep everything closer to the chin than your knees.

When you see this, your bras is clearly larger for you and you need to get a smaller size to avoid the gaps.

At the end of the day you would like a sexy look when you undress, so keep that in mind.

5. Breast spilling out of the bra cups

Showing off some cleavage and skin is OK, infact it makes look sexy but that doesn’t mean that the better part of the breast should be out.

There’s is no better way of saying this but that shows that your bra is out rightly small. So next time you are out shopping consider getting a bra that fits in all the right places.

Remember that bras are supposed to be comfortable and provide support to the breasts.