Ladies, 5 reasons why he will not marry you

Love is a beautiful thing

Ladies, 5 reasons why he will not marry you

Matters love and relationships are always difficult to handle but there are some telltale signs to whether the relationship is right or wrong.

Human beings are relational beings and at some point, we’d like to marry and get married but there are always signs that tells whether your relationship is headed toward the right direction.

Today we will be talking about the reasons your man might be taking too long to pop the question.

  1. He’s just there for the sex

One of the reasons why your boyfriend is probably not  proposing to you anytime soon, is because he is just there for the sex.

that might sound harsh but its the reality on the ground, the guy might be in your life just for sex.

2. You gave it away too easily

Naturally, men are hunters so if you just give it to him without letting him work for it, he wont value you.

3. He’s just not ready

The guy might really like you but hes just not ready to settle down.

This is because he might be having his issues to deal with but hes just not ready so the sooner you get that, the better for you as a lady.

4. He just doesn’t want to marry YOU

The guy just doesn’t want to marry you. he might be with you just for the other things that you have to offer but marry you.

So ladies when you see that do yourself the favour and move on , its just not you..

5. You playing wife in the relationship

The other reason why he is not popping the question is because you have been playing wife for so long.

What i mean by this is, ladies , you are not married to the guy but you go over to his place clean his house, cloths, cook for him and still offer sex.

The guy would not see the need because you are offering everything to easily so he wont chase after you.