Janet Mbugua reacts after John Cena followed her on Twitter

TV host Janet Mbugua PHOTO/COURTESY

TV host Janet Mbugua had a priceless reaction after she was followed by WWE star John Cena on Twitter.

Mbugua who could not hide her excitement shared a screenshot on her page, accompanying the post with the words of singer Sho Madjozi.

Haibo! John Cena has followed me! (Inserts Sho Madjozi energy): Chi chi chi chi…chi, chi, chi Happy new week, folks!” wrote Janet Mbugua.

Janet’s follow, by the WWE star comes barely days after Cena surprised Sho Madjozi while performing on a live TV show.

Cena surprised Madjozi in California as she performed her latest popular smash hit ‘John Cena,’ on the Kelly Clarkson Show.’

In a recent interview on the same show, Madjozi explained the theme of the song which is centered around a phrase the WEE star used while still a wrestler; “You can’t see me.”

Apparently, Madjozi wrote the song after a boy she liked failed to direct any attention her way.

“John Cena always used to say ‘you can’t see me’…so when we used to play Wrestling with my cousins I used to pretend to be John Cena. Then recently I had this boy that I really like and he just didn’t notice me ever so I was like ‘this guy can’t see me, maybe I’m John Cena.” She narrated.