Is your sex life ruined? How can you make it better?

Is your sex life ruined? How can you make it better?

Sexual lull are common for even the most passionate couples. The emotional experience of boredom is impossible to ignore, and in this way, it indirectly helps people engage.

The problem isn’t the fact that passion fades, it’s that we’re so unprepared when it happens. Hot sex is effortless” during the honeymoon phase of a relationship but after sometimes, it cools off.

Here are a few tips to spice things up a bit in your relationship.

Create the optimal sexual environment for yourself

The right context for the most intimate, exciting, and fulfilling sex for her is the key to spicing up her sex life. get your woman to be in the right mood for it, if its the back rubs and massages that appeals to her, then let her have it.

Try new things together both inside and outside the bedroom

Our sex lives get stale because we fall into routines, that includes the everyday things we do together. Create new shared experiences by making an effort to try new things together. Whether it’s taking a cooking class, going horse riding for the first time, or taking a walk around a part of your town you’ve never been, breaking the routine can lead to renewed intimacy.

Switch your contraceptive plan

Sometimes, your contraceptive plan is the source of your decreased desire for sex. so if you have already identified this as the cause of decreased libido, you can visit you OBY/GNAE and get another solution.

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Create a sexual bucket list

If you’re in a long-term relationship, chances are good that one of you has mentioned a fantasy or two. Its time for you two to make that a reality.

One day when you are chilling out in the house both you and your spouse should just sit down and explore. Come up with a list of your fantasy. You will thank me later on how your sex life will improve.

Schedule sex

With the workplaces getting too busy people tend to not pay attention to there sex life hence people not having sex at all.

As a couple, you should schedule sex if you both have crazy schedules. this is one way to ensure that your sex life doesn’t suffer