Iran Scales Up Warfare Preparation. World Peace Shake-up Looming?

Iran starts pouring concrete for second nuclear reactor. [Photo/ CTV News]

Iran scales up warfare preparation. World peace shake-up looming?

The Islamic Republic of Iran has initiated the process of pouring concrete to kick-start the construction of a second nuclear reactor at its Bushehr power plant. This move comes in the wake of international pressure from world powers to have manufacture of munitions halted.

This move by Iran could aggravate the strained relations that the country already has with other powers as seen in the move by the US government to ban Iran’s capital Tehran from selling its crude oil abroad. The ban became operational when US President Donald Trump pulled America from the trade accord with Iran in May of 2018, a move that worked to fuel tensions that now grip the wider Mid-East.

While protesting the ban, head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Ali Akbar Salehi dismissed reports that were being peddled by the US media alleging that it’s Iran that started the breaking of commitments, which he termed as cheap propaganda.

While the nuclear reactor under construction is not anywhere close to weapons-grade levels of 90%, non-proliferation experts have issued a caveat that Iran’s increasing enrichment will soon blossom into gathering material for rolling out an atomic bomb.