I broke up with Mustapha because he refused to show me where he lives: Noti Flow


For the last couple of week’s rapper, Colonel Mustapha and Noti Flow have been the talk of the town.

The couple who recently called their relationship quits has been treating the online community with shocking allegations of what led to their split.

From damning homosexuality allegations to battering claims, now Noti Flow says she parted ways with the former Deux Vulture’s member because “he refused to show her where he lived.” Adding that Mustapha was a parasite who depended on her for financial support.

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“I was the one who was paying the bills all this entire time we were in a relationship. He has never given me a single cent. I asked him to show me where he lived just in case something happened but he refused. How do you keep in a relationship with a man whom you don’t know where he lives,” Noti Flow said in a recent interview with Pulse.

“We even recorded a song together using my cash and even got a gig during the NaiFest event where we ended not performing due to his stupidity,” she said.

In response this what the Ayo hit maker had to say following Noti Flow’s latest revelations.

“She is too jealous. She wanted us to spend the whole time doing nothing. I could not show her to my place as she dresses skimpily and Muslims can’t take that,” Mustapha responded.