How to use the telecom money Interoperability


Mobile Money Interoperability is the ability to send/receive money to/from customers who are on a different mobile money network. The money sent from a different network is added directly to the customer’s account balance in the same way it would reflect had it been sent by a customer on the same network. Before interoperability the receiver of money would get a voucher code and go to the sender’s network to withdraw the money.


The benefit of “Interops” is that the customer can use the money received from another network to pay a bill, make a purchase at a merchant or make a withdrawal from their own network agent. Lastly, the customer will not be pressured to withdraw the money within 7 days since it is already in their mobile money wallet. The only condition to enjoy Interoperability is that the customer must be registered for either T-kash, Airtel Money or M-pesa. Customers who are not registered on mobile money will continue to receive voucher codes.


Send money from T-kash to Other Networks
Sending money to M-pesa/Airtel Money from T-kash is the same a sending money to another T-kash Customer.

1.Go to your T-kash Menu.
2.Select Send Money.
3.Select to Mobile.
4.Select Enter Phone Number
5.Enter M-Pesa/Airtel Money Recipient Phone Number.
6.Confirm Name of Recipient.
7.Enter PIN to confirm Transaction.

Send money from M-pesa to other Networks.
Please follow these steps to send money from M-pesa to T-kash.

1.Dial *234# from your Safaricom Line.
2. Select Option “1” titled “M-pesa Products”.
3. Select Option “98” titled “MORE”.
4. Select Option “8” titled “M-pesa Tuma Popote”.
5. Enter T-kash Recipient Phone Number.
6. Confirm Name of Recipient.
7. Enter PIN to confirm Transaction.


Send money from Airtel Money to other networks.
Please follow these steps to send money from Airtel Money to T-kash.

1. Dial *222*1#.
2. Select option 1 – Send money.
3. Select option 3 – Send money to T-kash.
4. Enter recipient’s number.
5. Confirm Name of recipient.
6. Enter PIN when prompted.

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