How to use the Airtel Smart Postpaid

Smart postpaid is a comprehensive postpaid offering from Airtel available in three options that offer exceptional value to the customer.

The plans cater for the increasing demand for blended offerings, each bundled with significantly high volumes of voice, data and SMS that have been affordably priced to offer value for money, convenience and peace of mind while respecting the wallets of our customers.

The plans will be available to individuals, students, heavy social users, entrepreneurs, small business owners, professionals and corporates.


Plan Rental (Ksh) 1,499 2,999 4,499
Airtel to Airtel Network (Mins) 1,500 6,000 1,500
Other Networks (Mins) 500 1,500 3,000
SMS 3,000 3,000 6,000
Data MB’s 6GB 30GB 9GB



  • No disconnection once the bundle is depleted
  • Data Bundles roll over
  • You can make calls at 2 Ksh per minute to all networks when your bundle runs out




How do you subscribe to smart postpaid plans?

You need to visit an Airtel shop with your National ID and request for the Airtel Smart Postpaid bundles.

For corporates, get in touch with your Key Account Manager or Relationship Manager, or write to


What are the key benefits of Smart Postpaid?

Hustle Free: Very high volumes of voice, data and SMS ensure you don’t get cut off.

Data: Unused data is carried over to the following month.

Across Networks: Minutes and SMS can be used across networks.

Affordability: Value for money.


What is the validity period for each Smart Postpaid plan?

The bundles have a validity of one month


Do I lose my un-used data bundles at the end of month?

No. Un-used data is carried over to the next month


What happens when my Smart Postpaid resources run out?

You will be billed on a special rate as below

  • Calls at Ksh. 2/= per minute to all networks
  • Data will be charged at 30 cents per MB


Will I get usage notifications before my Smart Postpaid resources run out?

Yes before you data runs out you will get notifications at 50%, 75% and 100%


Can I upgrade from one Smart Postpaid plan to another?

Yes you can upgrade by visiting any Airtel shop for assistance


How do I purchase a new data bundle when my Smart Postpaid data runs out?

To purchase another bundle dial *544# and select your preferred bundle. Please note this will not be a Smart Postpaid bundle but a regular data bundle

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