How to Shop on Amazon in Kenya using M-Pesa

How to Shop on Amazon in Kenya using M-Pesa
How to Shop on Amazon in Kenya using M-Pesa

How to Shop on Amazon in Kenya using M-Pesa

About Amazon

Stage 1: Register with Amazon

You need to open an account with Amazon before buying. But that shouldn’t worry you since registering on amazon eBay Kenya is a breeze.

Steps: Go to Amazon website here

Enter the simple details- name, email, and a good password (having some numbers, letters –upper and lower case, and special characters e.g. KEnya123#&1), re-enter the password then click create your account.

Note that the password must be at least 6 characters.

Stage 2: Link Your Account to a credit/debit card like KCB Pepea Card

Though not mandatory, adding your bank’s credit/debit card to your Amazon account makes the process smoother. (but don’t worry about it since you can always buy via mpesa- later)

Here is how;

  1. Visit Amazon Payments here
  2. Log in to the Amazon account using your email and password.
  3. Click Edit (My) Account Settings.
  4. Click Add, my credit cards (You can also edit or delete cards)
  5. Enter your credit card and your billing address (Physical location address where you want your goods to be delivered to).
  6. Finish by Clicking Add New Card.

Stage 3: Shop for the Item


  1. Go to your amazon account . (If you had signed out, you will be asked to login again at some point).
  2. In the search button, type the name of what you are looking for. For instance, I am looking for a good laptop so I will type laptops.
  3. Browse through the different results and click the item that interests you. In my case, I was inspired by the Dell Inspiron High-Performance Laptop
  4. Click add to cart on the right-hand side then proceed to check out. You may be asked to sign in if you hadn’t.
  5. Now enter your shipping details

Option 1: Use the Post office address in Kenya.

Works provided the item you selected is marked as “delivers to Kenya”. You just enter your usual PO address. Your product(s) will be delivered to Posta by their US counterparts and you will receive a call/notification to collect them.

Your Name: e.g. James Oloo

Address line 1: Enter the PO. E.g. P.o Box 1234

Address line 2: Street address e.g. Haile Selassie Avenue

City: Nairobi

State/province/region: Nairobi

ZIP: Your postal code e.g. 00200 for City Square

Country/Region: Kenya

Phone number: Your usual phone number. E.g. 0700123456

The option could, however, be a bit expensive and remember the item must be marked “delivers to Kenya” on Amazon which isn’t the case always.

Click continue to have the money deducted from your credit/debit card. Then if all goes well, just wait for the notification that your item has arrived in Nairobi’s city square post office or whichever Posta you used.

Option 2: Use a friends address

Since most items don’t ship via the above method, ask for the address of a friend /relative who lives in the USA.

You will enter the details as follows:

Your Name: e.g. James Oloo

Phone: e.g. 0722123456

Street Address: what he/she gave you

City: What he/she gave you

State: What he/she gave you

Zip Code: What he/she gave you

Those are the details you request for. The item will be delivered to their address meaning you have to sweet-talk your friend because he will then have to courier the item to Kenya.

Option 3: Use StatesDuka.Com is a company which ships stuff from the USA to Kenya and east Africa for a small charge.

To have them act as your delivery agents, enter the following shipping address:

Your Name: e.g. James Oloo

Phone: e.g. 0722123456

Street Address: 1801 Excise Ave Suite 111

City: Ontario

State: California (CA)

Zip Code: 91761

After checking out, email them your package’s tracking to allow them follow your goods (shipping only option).

Once they receive your package at their USA office, they will notify you and request that you pay the shipping charges through their MPESA till number or by a direct bank deposit at their KCB bank account.

Their rates starts at $15 per kg and they ship within 10-14 days.

On arrival, their staff in Nairobi contacts you and asks that you go collect the item. Contacts:

Nairobi: (+254) 72 220 9048,  Brandonethan House, Kolobot Road, Nairobi (Ground floor)

U.S.A: +1 (949)531 9105

Register for here to access these services

Option 4: Use VituMob App.

VituMob enables Kenyans (and East Africans) to shop online from over twenty ecommerce websites including Amazon and accepts payments via M-Pesa or credit cards.

The best part:

VituMob delivers directly to your doorstep if you so choose.

NOTE: If you’ll be using Vitumob, you have to shop from the in-browser app (not from the website as we had seen above)


1.     Download Vitumob (to your computer) at (click here to install and remember to say add extension- Google Chrome browser only). This installs an extension to your web browser to allow you to shop.

2.     It takes a few seconds, and immediately it finishes, a VituMob button appears on the top right-hand side of your browser screen.

3.     How to buy on Amazon from VituMob

While still on their website, Click on from the VituMob’s shopping guide area.

  1. Choose your products and load them to your shopping cart.
  2. When checking out, click on your VituMob button on the browser.
  3. Confirm your shopping cart then complete your purchase by clicking the VituMob button on the upper right area side of your web browser. (don’t click the usual proceed to checkout on Amazon- you checkout using Vitumob Button)

 The app will load your order details, calculate shipping, customs, and everything else than display the quotation on your screen. That’s the time to checkout.

Now, enter your contact details (name, email, and phone), delivery location and how you will be paying.

The biggest advantage of VituMob is that you can pay using PayPal, MPESA, AirTel Money, or the credit card.

Finally, click submit order.Now, I choose to pay Amazon via mpesaPaying for your

Amazon Purchases using Mpesa

  1. Go to M-Pesa menu on your phone
  2. Choose “Pay Bill”
  3. Enter VituMob’s Business Number as 823823
  4. Enter the Order number as shown as account number on the screed
  5. Enter the Price again as the amount displayed on the screen
  6. Enter your MPESA PINand then
  7. Confirm the details and okay the transaction.