How to register and shop with GoSoko.

How to register and shop with GoSoko.
How to register and shop with GoSoko.

How to register and shop with GoSoko.

GoSoko is a website providing a wide variety of articles for sale, from womenswear to electronics or tools and home decor.It guarantees a low-cost, effective and secure delivery across Africa. You can find whatever you need on GoSoko.

With its many years of experience in logistics and business within the African market, the GoSoko team is delighted to be able to offer you high quality and fashionable international and regional goods, using reliable suppliers and providing an efficient delivery service.

Our aim is to meet our customers’ expectations by offering the best products at the best price, with the quickest delivery time. Buying online has never been easier thanks to GoSoko!

Why buy on Gosoko?

Buying on GoSoko ensures you get top quality products, with up to the minute fashion, at the best and lowest price, including shipping fees and delivered as fast as possible.
Our platform is uploading new items all the time, so you will find an updated range of articles every time you visit.

One of the great advantages of buying on GoSoko is that you have everything you need at your fingertips.
You just have to choose what you would like to buy, make your payment, then we will look after the rest.

How to search for a product

Finding a product online has never been easier thanks to GoSoko.
Two methods are available to you

  1. Use the search bar. It is a fast method that guarantees you relevant results. You will find our search bar and its small magnifying glass on the GoSoko homepage. To use it, nothing could be simpler: write all the relevant words associated with your search (e. g. top, woman, trend, long sleeve, pink, etc.). Then, start the search by clicking on the small orange magnifying glass.
    You will then discover a selection of articles directly related to your search. All you have to do is choose the one that suits you best!
  2. Consult the different categories. To find your items, you can also click on the categories and sub-categories that match your search. Woman, dresses, skirts, children… browse the different pages of articles and find your favorite!

Note that: Once the order has been placed, paid for and confirmed, it is no longer possible to cancel or even modify it.

How to register

To register just go their website and register online.