How to register and bet on SportyBet Tanzania – Step by step guide

Sportybet Tanzania offers quite an extensive list of sports and betting options for punters and lovers of virtual betting.

How to register and bet on SportyBet Tanzania – Step by step
How to register and bet on SportyBet Tanzania – Step by step [Photo/ Courtesy]

Sportybet Tanzania registration – Click here to register on Sportybet Tanzania for free.

About Sportybet

SportyBet is what’s known as a localized platform for sports betting. Glocalized, because the company itself claims to be a company that operates globally. They have multiple locations all around the globe, but they customize their content specifically to what their customers want locally. For example, SportyBet Tanzania caters their content specifically to Tanzanians who want to make their money at a smaller cost, with better odds and pricing.





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Sportybet Tanzania registration process

Well, it doesn’t get much simpler than this. The registration process at SportyBet Tanzania is as easy as entering a phone number. Naturally, you’ll need to have a Tanzanian phone number, but that is quite literally it. You can even login with Facebook if you want.

While you no doubt sacrifice certain elements with registration as simple as this, you also gain so much in terms of accessibility. It makes SportyBet seem like it’s just a couple of clicks away, as opposed to being like filling out a tax form before you can enter through the virtual doors. It’s easy and breezy, with everything else – like bank details – being added in at a later point.

Sportybet Tanzania welcome bonus

Sportybet Tanzania welcome bonus is offered in the form of a Tsh 6000  gift set. How much you receive depends on your first deposit and these are split into various amounts.


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How to deposit to your Sportybet Tanzania account

There is quite an interesting selection of banking options from SportyBet, as well as the site being one that really lays out their target audience.

First off, you have two fairly traditional methods via bank card and bank account. In order to deposit with your bank card, simply enter your card details and tell them the deposit amount. You can then enter your PIN, bank token, or OTP which can be sent to your mobile phone depending on the verification method. Phones are really important to banking at SportyBet and this is just one example.

Depositing with your bank account requires you to once again fill in the relevant details (including your bank name, account number) and tell them how much you want to deposit. You can then verify your transaction by entering your birth date or OTP. Once again, this is all nice and simple.

How to withdraw funds from your Sportybet Tanzania account

You can withdraw funds via your phone either through M-Pesa Paybill or STK Push. Withdrawals should be completed within 24 hours. When you add a new account, you’ll need to verify your identity via SMS.


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How to download the Sportybet Tanzania app

To download the Sportybet App and enjoy these features, follow the steps below;

  • Visit the Sportybet official website through your mobile website.
  • Click on the App icon on the Navigation bar
  • Click the “Download for free” button and proceed to scan the QR code with your phone
  • You can also enter the download address in your URL bar to download.