Sportybet Tanzania Account & App Registration and Login

The Sportybet Tanzania welcome bonus comes in form of free bet gifts.

Sportybet Tanzania Account & App Registration and Login


Click here to register on Sportybet Tanzania for free.


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In brief

    1. This article shares information about Sportybet Tanzania registration and Sportybet Tanzania login.
    2. We tell you about Sportybet Tanzania App, Sportybet Tanzania Balance adder and Sportybet Tanzania Bonus.
    3. Read on for details on how to play on Sportybet Tanzania, Sportybet Tanzania booking code and Sportybet Tanzania customer care.
    4. We also tell you about Sportybet Tanzania casino, Sportybet Tanzania deposit and Sportybet Tanzania deposit code.
    5. The article further touches on Sportybet Tanzania e-football, Sportybet Tanzania editing App and Sportybet Tanzania free bet.
    6. Learn more about Sportybet Tanzania first deposit bonus, Sportybet Tanzania gift code and Sportybet Tanzania instant virtuals.



What is Sportybet Tanzania?


Click here to register on Sportybet Tanzania


    1. Sportybet is an online betting platform that has a presence in several African countries including Tanzania.
    2. It is operated by Marawin Limited which is registered with the Gaming Board of Tanzania under license number 1277.
    3. Sportybet Tanzania has sports betting and virtual games.
    4. Live betting is also available on Sportybet Tanzania.
    5. Below is a detailed review about how Sportybet Tanzania works.



Sportybet Tanzania App (Sportybet Tanzania Apk)

    1. Click here to easily download the SportBet Tanzania Mobile Application.  
    2. If the download does not start immediately, kindly click here to download the Sportybet Tanzania Apk.



Sportybet Tanzania login

You only need the following to login to your Sportybet Tanzania account;

    1. Smartphone or computer
    2. Reliable internet access
    3. Your login details which are your mobile number and password.
    4. Click here to login to Sportybet Tanzania



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Sportybet Tanzania registration

Follow these easy steps to create a Sportybet Tanzania account;

    1. Click here to register on Sportybet Tanzania
    2. From here, you will be able to create a Sportybet Tanzania account.
    3. Simply enter your Phone number and set your password to create a Sportybet Tanzania account.
    4. An account creation token SMS will be sent to you.
    5. Enter it in the field provided on the next page and click on “Complete registration”.
    6. Your account will automatically be created.



How to become a Sportybet Tanzania agent

    1. Sportybet Tanzania website does not have a designated career section.
    2. You need to contact Sportybet Tanzania for possible openings within their network.
    3. Sportybet Tanzania contacts are provided below.


Is Sportybet Tanzania safe?

Yes, Sportybet is a credible and efficient betting platform that is licensed in Tanzania and elsewhere in Africa.



Sportybet Tanzania balance adder Apk

    1. Click here to download the Sportybet Tanzania balance adder Apk 
    2. Only the Android version is available for download because it asks for an authorization code to complete a money transfer.
    3. The PC and iOS Apps do not ask for this authorization code.
    4. For that reason, you can only get the PC and iOS by contacting SportyBet Tanzania.



How Sportybet Tanzania balance adder works 

    1. The Sportybet Tanzania balance adder is a mobile App that assists you to top up your Sportybet Tanzania account.
    2. It saves you the trouble of having to go through the normal credit/debit card payment process.
    3. The App has an in-built e-wallet that makes it easy to transact with Sportybet Tanzania.
    4. You only need to deposit on your Sportybet Tanzania Balance adder App
    5. From this App your deposits will flow directly to your Sportybet Tanzania account.



Sportybet Tanzania booking code

    1. A booking code is used to reserve a bet for you to place later.
    2. Login to your Sportybet Tanzania account and make your selections.
    3. After making your selections, click on “Book bet” to obtain a booking code.
    4. With your booking code, login to your account later and go to your bet slip
    5. If you find any selections on the bet slip, click “Remove all”
    6. Select your country from the drop-down menu and enter your Booking code to place a bet.


Sportybet Tanzania bonus

Sportybet Tanzania first deposit bonus (free bets)

    1. The Sportybet Tanzania welcome bonus comes in form of free bet gifts.
    2. To qualify for the bonus, make a First Deposit of TZS 1000/2000/5000/10000.
    3. Sportybet Tanzania will give you 150% of your First Deposit value as Free Bet Gifts.
    4. The free bets are to be used for placing bets.
    5. Each player can claim First Deposit bonus only once.
    6. Sportybet Tanzania promotion section has clearly elaborated the gift plans available for the welcome bonus.



How to play on Sportybet Tanzania

The following guide informs you on how to place Sportybet Tanzania bets;

    1. Login to your Sportybet Tanzania account.
    2. Click on Sports and choose a category/sport you want to bet on, for example, SportyBet Tanzania live betting.
    3. Use the Popular or Today’s Football filters to narrow down to the matches you want
    4. On every match are the default markets (home win, draw and away win)
    5. If you want more markets, for instance, both teams to score click on (+).
    6. Make your selections by tapping on the odds which correspond to your favored outcome.
    7. Click on “Place bet” and then “Confirm” to complete the process.



Sportybet Tanzania customer care (0207640825)

Use the following means to contact Sportybet Tanzania customer care;

    1. Sportybet Tanzania email:
    2. Click here for Sportybet Tanzania live chat.
    3. Sportybet Tanzania telephone: 0207640825.
    4. Click here for Sportybet Tanzania Facebook page.
    5. Click here for Sportybet Tanzania Instagram page.


Sportybet Tanzania casino

Casino is not available on Sportybet Tanzania.



Sportybet Tanzania deposit

The following is a simple process on how to pay on Sportybet Tanzania;

    1.  Login to your Sportybet Tanzania account.
    2. Go to the deposit option.
    3. Choose either online deposit or paybill
    4. Select a payment method, for example, Tigo.
    5. Enter your deposit amount
    6. Click on “Top up now.”
    7. A pop-up message will appear on your screen prompting you to enter your mobile money PIN.
    8. Enter your PIN to complete the process.



Sportybet Tanzania deposit link

Click here to make your deposit on Sportybet Tanzania.



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Sportybet Tanzania deposit code

    1. A deposit code is a unique combination of characters that identifies a specific deposit transaction on Sportybet Tanzania.
    2. It is useful in tracking payments because it is a point of reference.
    3. The deposit codes are usually displayed against your transactions when you check from your Sportybet Tanzania account.



Sportybet Tanzania deposit pending

    1. Sportybet Tanzania deposits are typically processed instantly.
    2. Where there are pending deposits, Kindly contact Sportybet Tanzania customer care for assistance.
    3. The Sportybet Tanzania contacts are shared above.


Sportybet Tanzania e-football

    1. Sportybet Tanzania e-football is a simulation of real football leagues and games.
    2. In Sportybet Tanzania e-football, you have the same odds as those on real football matches.
    3. You have actual teams like Atletico Madrid to place bets on Sportbet Tanzania e-football.
    4. To access Sportybet Tanzania e-football visit the Sportybet Tanzania website
    5. Click on More Sports just below the main menu then v-football before finding e-football.
    6. The steps to place a bet on Sportybet Tanzania e-football are the same as the ones given above.
    7. Sportybet Tanzania e-league is part of e-football in which the teams are organized.
    8. Sportybet Tanzania e-leagues include; Gt Sports League and Gt Nations League.



Sportybet Tanzania editing App (Sportybet Tanzania editor)

    1. Sportybet Tanzania does not have a bet editing App.
    2. Do not worry, with the official Sportybet Tanzania App you are set!



Sportybet Tanzania gift code

You can retrieve your gift codes from the Sportybet Tanzania promotions section.



Sportybet Tanzania games

    1. Sportybet Tanzania features many different games daily for players to bet on.
    2. You can access the games by simply visiting the Sportybet Tanzania website.
    3. Click on Sports and choose your preferred category from the top menu.





Sportybet Tanzania bet history

    1. Viewing your Sportybet Tanzania bet history is very simple.
    2. Simply login to your Sportybet Tanzania account.
    3. Click on either open bets or bet history to view both in-running and settled bets.



Sportybet Tanzania instant virtuals 

    1. Sportybet Tanzania instant virtuals are football leagues you can play at a moment’s notice.
    2. They are created from famous leagues like the Premier League but their kick-offs are rapid (continuous).
    3. The matches have the usual odds as if you are playing in real football leagues like English Premier League.
    4. The Sportybet Tanzania website has an “Instant Virtuals” button at the top of the page.
    5. Use the same steps given earlier to place your bet.
    6. SportyBet Tanzania Virtuals – Allows one to bet on scheduled virtual games.



Sportybet Tanzania customer ID

Your customer identity is the verified number you provided during registration, which will remain unchanged.

Can a Sportybet Tanzania account be deleted?

    1. In order for the account to be deleted, there should be direct contact with Sportybet Tanzania.
    2. Use any of the provided contacts for assistance.



Does Sportybet Tanzania have cash out?

    1. Simply login to your account and select “Cash out” in the bet slip.
    2. Those with the “Cash out” icon can be cashed out immediately.



Does Sportybet Tanzania have zoom football?

No, Zoom football is not available.



Sportybet Tanzania jackpot

    1. Sportybet Tanzania has a weekly Sportybet 12 Jackpot which consists of 12 pre-selected matches.
    2. You must be registered on Sportybet Tanzania to play the jackpot.
    3. The Sportybet 12 jackpot ticket price is set at TZS 100.
    4. The jackpot prize is usually shared by winners (those who get 12/12 games correct) if they are more than one.
    5. Go to the SportyBet 12 Jackpot page, and predict for each match using (Home win, Draw, Away win).
    6. Stake amount of each combination is TZS 100.
    7. You can place more than 1 prediction on any match listed.
    8. This increases the stake amount by TZS 100 for every additional combination.



Sportybet Tanzania jackpot bonus

Sportybet Tanzania Consolation prizes or jackpot bonuses are awarded to those who predict 11 or 10 games correctly.



How to withdraw from Sportybet Tanzania

    1. Login to your Sportybet Tanzania account, click on “Me” then withdraw.
    2.  Enter your withdrawal amount.
    3. Check if the given information for the withdrawal account is correct.
    4. Once satisfied that the details are correct, click on the “Withdraw” button.
    5.  Your withdrawal is successfully processed.

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What payment methods are accepted on Sportybet Tanzania?

    1. Tigo Pesa
    2. Vodacom
    3. Airtel Money



How to reset Sportybet Tanzania password

    1. To retrieve your password, please click on “Forgot Password?” under the login area.
    2. If you have forgotten your username, please contact Sportybet Tanzania.



Sports available on Sportybet Tanzania

    1. Football
    2. Basketball
    3. Tennis
    4. Table tennis
    5. American football
    6. Cricket
    7. Volleyball
    8. Ice hockey
    9. Elce hockey
    10. Handball
    11. Beach volleyball
    12. Baseball
    13. Badminton
    14. Counter strike
    15. Dota 2
    16. LOL
    17. MMA
    18. Rugby
    19. Cricket
    20. e-football
    21. e-basketball




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