How to play Mega3 on MegaDollar Jackpot.

1. Deposit to Paybill 295888
To play any game in MegaDollar, you need to Deposit Ksh. 50/- or more to MPESA Paybill 295888 Account MEGA. With 50/-, you have 5 tickets with a minimum of 10/- per ticket.
2. Pick your Numbers
On SMS: Select your THREE (3) numbers from a pool of 0-9 (eg. 782) then send your unique numbers to 29588. You will be sent your ticket details on SMS.

On Web: Select your THREE numbers from a pool of 0-9. Then review the stake and place your ticket. You will be sent your ticket details on SMS.

3. Wait for the Draw
Wait for 30 minutes for the draw to happen. Check your tickets on the My Tickets page to confirm if your ticket won.
Odds Table

The Odds Table shows how your ticket wins. The prices are distributed according to the Odds Table. Hits are the count of matched numbers against the draw numbers.

Bet Ticket Winning Nos Odds Multiplier Win
10/- 112 512 1:37 10x 100/-
100/- 112 117 1:37 10x 1,000/-
1000/- 112 212 1:37 10x 10,000/-
10/- 121 121 1:1000 300x 3,000/-
100/- 112 112 1:1000 300x 30,000/-
1000/- 211 211 1:1000 300x 300,000/-

Let’s say you play 3 numbers and placed a stake of Ksh. 10. After the draw if you get 2 hits then your stake is multiplied with odds of the number of hits, i.e. 10 x 15 = 150/-

The more you stake the better your winnings! So stake more to win more, only with MegaDollar!