How to play Lucky Box


LuckyBox is a Kenyan betting firm where you stand a chance to win cash prizes when you play. Before you start playing lucky box promotion you need to read , understand and accept its terms and conditions which entails binding agreement between you and lucky box. You have six boxes to chose from, three of the six have a cash value attached and three do not. Pick any box from 1-6 to win instantly by staking a minimum of Ksh 20 and maximum stake is Ksh 1000 for both lucky box and lucky player. You do not have to wait for a draw! The power of winning is in your hands 24 hours a day, any hour, any minute you can be a winner. You can now play LuckyBox via SMS platform or on the Website.


Step 1: Playing Using Our Website

On the main page of our website, scroll down. Input your mobile number and upon a successful submission, you will receive a notification message with simple instructions on how to play


Step 2: Register

To register, SMS PLAY to the short code 29303. You will receive a confirmation message acknowledging your successful registration


Step 3: Deposit To LuckyBox

To Deposit to your LuckyBox Account go to Mpesa> Lipa na Mpesa> PayBill> Enter Business Number> 290813> Account Name > LUCKY


Step 4: How to play

Send Box Number to 29303. Example: 4 to 29303


Step 5: Checking your balance

To check the Balance in your LuckyBox Account send BAL to 29303


Step 6: How to Withdraw

To Withdraw from your LuckyBox Account send W#amount to 29303. Example W#50 to 29303