How to pack your bras while travelling

How to pack your bras while travelling

The festive season is around and ladies will be going out on holidays and are probably wondering how you are going to pack your bras. Packing bras can be considered to be a crazy affair because of the two padded cups. For women, we generally need to have extra space in our bags for undergarments especially our bras.

When packing items that easily fold such as panties, figuring out where to pack them is relatively easy. For bras, however, it’s a bit more complicated. Some are made of wires and other materials that could be damaged if not handled properly.

You don’t have to fret anymore, this article got you covered.

Roll them up

For bras that are not wired, it’s best to roll them up well and place them in one corner. This will prevent them from getting creased or damaged by other items in your luggage.

Avoid scattering the non-wired ones randomly in your luggage. This will likely damage them and other items it will into contact with.

Tuck one cup into the other

This is one of the best ways to pack bras that are weird and structured. To do it the right way, twist the bra at the centre so that one cup can comfortably collapse into the other. This is more effective in preserving your bras rather than squeezing one cup into the other direction. Once you tuck them cup to cup, you can stack the bras together and place them properly in the suitcase.

Get some bra cases

Bra cases are a brilliant invention that preserve your bras. The cases have been designed in the shape of a bra so they can fit easily. You can find them online or at lingerie shops where you will have a variety to pick from.

The only downside to this is that they take some extra space in your luggage. If you don’t mind that, always take one case with you when travelling.

Separate them from other items

Bras are very fragile and delicate items. When travelling, your luggage can be searched and handled by different people at security checkpoints. If you let your bras lay in the open, they can get contaminated and you may end up getting infections.

Place them in a separate compartment in your suitcase or place them in a zip lock back to prevent them from being exposed. If you wish, store them along with your other intimates in order to preserve them.