How to order from Glovo


About Glovo

Glovers are independent couriers connected to our platform. These are people who have free time, own vehicle and smartphone, and looking to get the maximum benefit by helping you resolve your efforts in the quickest and most effective way.

How do I do an order?

Ordering is very easy! You only have to:
1. Choose a product of one of the categories.
2. Let us be surprised with your order if you ask for something else from the button “I want..”: a board game, for example.
3. Or we can send or pick something up: keys, a bag, an envelope…

How much does the service cost?

They charge a small delivery fee for the orders based on distance and on the agreement with every store. You can see this in the display of each store.

What can I ask for?

Use the app to buy any product or make your deliveries and express messages in the city. Do you want us to go to the pharmacy for you? Do we buy a pair of shoes? Would you like something to eat? Do we ship a package? Did you forget the keys?
Anything you want. Delivered in minutes.


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