How to load Your PDSL Float Account using Equitel.


PDSL is the leading airtime and Electricity token vender in Kenya. PDSL  provides a secure, fast and easy-to-use vending medium by which utilities, municipalities and independent vendors are able to provide consumers with convenient access to prepaid and post paid electricity. PDSL has contracted agents to help it distribute its services, if you are an agent you need to load your account every often to be in business.

Equitel and PDSL have partnered to make float top up easier. You can now top up your PDSL agent account through your Equitel line

  1. My money
  2. Send /pay
  3. Choose your account
  4. Go to Paybill
  5. Enter the business number for  PDSL as 680015
  6. Enter the account number as your shop code ( the four figure number you issues as a reference number)
  7. Input the amount you need to load
  8. You will be prompted to confirm payment
  9. Dial your Equitel  Pin number
  10. There will be another request to confirm that you are paying PDSL
  11. If you have a problem while loading your account please contact PDSL

Customer care on 0707373794

Visit the  PDSL WEBSITE  here

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