How to handle an unromantic boyfriend

How to handle an unromantic boyfriend

When we sign up for relationship we all got this dreamy idea of how a relationship should be romantic. The reverse is also true, ladies are accusing men of being unromantic.

OK, so you didn’t end up with prince charming. Instead, you’re with a guy who you get along with quite well but who just so happens to be stunted in the romance department. Here’s how to deal if you sometimes feel like you’re more friends than lovers.

Communicate about it

A lack of romance may eventually lead to an explosive fight. Don’t keep your thoughts and feelings on the matter to yourself. Talk to your man about how you feel and try to give a solution.

But, be careful how you express yourself lest hurt his ego.

Practise self-love

However, much your man should treat you like a queen it’s not his job to pamper you. It’s your job as a lady to make yourself happy. Nobody can do that for you. You are in charge of your happiness.

Expecting your guy to give you a sensual one-hour massage based on the kindness of his heart will just lead to disappointment.

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Identify other ways he shows love

It may not be with romantic gestures, but it could be other small actions you don’t even think about. Does he always make sure you’ve got plenty of fresh towels when you stay over? Does he cook breakfast for you when you’ve had a long night? Maybe he just knows not to call or text during a specific time of the night since he knows your favourite show is on. It might not be a personalized poem or a bouquet of daisies, but these are small acts that should make you feel really good.

Figure out if this is affecting your sex life 

Romance and sex go hand-in-hand. If your guy is refusing to go out on fancy dates, that’s one thing, but if every sexual experience is bland and unsatisfying, that’s another. Sex drives that don’t match will lead to disaster down the road, so that’s an issue that’s worth trying to fix before resentment hits.