How to benefit from the I&M Select banking service

How to benefit from the I&M Select banking service
How to benefit from the I&M Select banking service

How to benefit from the I&M Select banking service

I&M Select Banking Service

I&M Select Banking Service accords our customers many recognition benefits, offers several complimentary and concessional services and makes some specialised products available to members. Customers can now enjoy a range of these personalised benefits by subscription at a monthly fee of ksh.2,000. Kindly download application form here.

I&M Select Banking Service offers:

I&M Select Recognition Gold Card

This non-transferable personalized card entitles customers to:

Exclusive access through a card swipe facility to the I&M Select Centre, situated at Hanover, 14 riverside, Riverside Drive, Nairobi. This superb facility, open from 9am – 4 pm on Weekdays and 10 am – 3 pm on Saturdays, is reserved only for I&M Select Banking customers.

The Center offers

  1. Exclusive Customer Services and Counter Services in a private and comfortable environment for everyday transactions on Select customers’ I&M Bank accounts.
  2. Customers can access free internet for their personal use at the Select Centre
  3. Customers can also hold small informal personal meetings at the Select lounge at no charge. NB: Customers must call the Select Centre on tel. no. 020-3221019 to book the lounge facilities for the same.

Eligibility to access the “Priority Queuing” at many I&M Bank Branches. Look out for the “Select Priority Queuing ” sign above the designated counter.

Specially arranged discounts at participating establishments from time to time.

I&M Select Visa Gold Debit Card

This exclusively designed Select Gold Debit Card is available on request at no extra charge. Customers are required to surrender existing I&M Visa Debit Card at their branch or at the Select Centre, and we produce and issue new cards as free replacements. The new Select Gold Debit Card has a higher daily ATM cash withdrawal limit of Ksh 100,000/- per day.

New specially designed cheque book with the I&M Select exclusive cover

The old cheque book will continue to be valid, but as a special Select customer, a special Select cheque book is also issued.

With Compliments from us!

In addition to the above special recognition features, I&M Select Banking status offers much more.

  1. Select customers, get covered by a complimentary comprehensive International Travel Insurance Coverage offered by our Group Company GA Insurance Ltd. Hence, every time they travel overseas, they are automatically insured for their medical bills in case of need. The annual premium for this has is paid on their behalf entirely and the coverage is at absolutely no cost. This is a continuing travel insurance coverage for unlimited overseas travel –for details and for insurance certificates for visa purposes, please call the I&M Select Centre at 020-3221019. Family members can also be covered under this facility at a discounted premium rate.
  2. Safe deposit lockers of various sizes are available to Select Customers at the I&M Select Centre in Riverside Drive. This is offered free of any monthly fees, on placement of a security deposit, subject to availability.
  3. In case a customer qualifies for I&M Visa International Gold Credit Card and does not have it yet, we will be pleased to offer this Credit Card with a full waiver on the joining fees.

Special Products and Services

The Relationship Managers at the I&M Select Centre will also be able to offer a set of specialised products and services from a one-stop location. These include:

  1. Investment Management Services

Purchase and sale of NSE shares, Treasury Bills and Bonds and other securities. Nominee Services for the Bank to act in a fiduciary capacity on customer’s behalf for the above services are also available.

  1. Off-shore Financial Services

Their sister bank in Mauritius, Bank One Ltd. and our financial partners in Mauritius, facilitate the setting up of off-shore companies, bank accounts and trusts for customers. Should you be interested, the Select Centre can arrange an introduction.

  1. Double Currency Deposits

These are Dual-Currency Option Deposits offered by the Treasury Division of I&M Bank, available to I&M Select customers from time to time. These structured financial products can offer substantially higher value for Bank deposits.

Customers desiring to avail any of the above specialised services and products should ask to see one of the Select Relationship Managers stationed at the Select Centre.

I&M Select Services are also selectively offered on complimentary basis to eligible customers on invitation basis by the Bank.