How to Apply for a Title Deed

How to Apply for a Title Deed
How to Apply for a Title Deed

How to Apply for a Title Deed

Title Deed is the only proof of land ownership in Kenya. Title Deeds in Kenya are issued by the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development at the Ministry’ regional registries offices.

This service is required by all who buy land and need to Transfers Land ownership and Banks/Financial institutions who Charges and Discharges Title deeds as security to loan facilities. Need to change ownership can also be by next if kin to a deceased pursuing succession. 


  1. Transfer document
  2. Pin number
  3. 2 sets of passport size photographs for each party
  4. Certified Copy of ID
  5. Necessary clearances and consent
  6. Appearance and identification of relevant parties
  7. Name of owner
  8. Address of owner
  9. Nature of title
  10. Plot Number
  11. Approximate area
  12. Registry map Sheet Number
  13. Title Number 


  1. Perform an official search; you will need a copy of the title deed of the land. Fill in the search application form and attach the title. In most District Land Offices, copies of your ID and Pin Certificate are required.
  2. Obtain Rates Clearance Certificate from the Local Municipal Council.
  3. Obtain consent to transfer from the Commissioner of Lands. This application is made in writing.
  4. Lawyer prepare, authenticate and oversee the signing of the sales agreement in liaison with the seller’s lawyer. 
  5. Obtain valuation of the property by government values.
  6. Submit an application for processing
Cost: Stamp duty; 4% urban, rural 2% of land value
Valuation; Ksh1,000 for Municipal plots, Ksh 500 for plots in other urban centers
Title fees Ksh 500
Registration fees: Ksh 500, Attestation: Ksh 1, 000
Timelines:   N/A

For more information call Huduma Contact Centre: +254 (020) 6900020 Or visit nearest Huduma Centre Or Contact: Ministry of Lands & Physical Planning 

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