How long should sex last?

How long should sex last?

I have come across many people, especially men, who often tend to brag and exaggerate on their bedroom exploits. This, unfortunately, leads to misinformation about what normal and healthy sex is about. Some take dangerous, drastic, and desperate measures in attempts to measure up.

It’s not my intention to tell them off, but I feel strongly about these misconceptions, which must be corrected for the benefit of all.

There are many young men with insecurities because guys out there keep bragging of superhuman abilities such as going seven or more rounds in a night, while their compatriots can only manage one or two at the most.

When you talk about 20 minutes of lovemaking while many young people suffer from premature ejaculations, this might make them feel less manly.

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According to a survey conducted on 50 full members of the Society for Sex Therapy and Research, sex, excluding foreplay, lasts between three and seven minutes on average.

Given the intensity and the passion of the moment, most think it lasts between 10 and 20 minutes. Some people will argue that those are ‘Western’ statistics that are not applicable in Africa, but I will tell you we are probably the same if not worse.

20 minutes is such a long time though it’s possible for guys who have mastered the art of delayed gratification. To avoid cases where the lady climaxes before the man or vice versa, couples should understand the 4 stages of sex.

These stages include; excitement, full arousal, orgasmic and the refractory stage.

We cannot put a number of minutes to that but the catch is to be a good lover to your woman and satisfy her.