Health conditions that can wreck your sex life

Health conditions that can wreck your sex life

Sex plays a major role in relationships and marriages though the holy book prescribes it only for those who are married. That aside, couples are able to connect and form bonds sexually and probably to make babies.

Human beings are the only known species on earth who have sex for fun and just not for procreation purposes. To be able to achieve this, one has to be of sound and perfect health.

There are certain health conditions that cause havoc in a couples sex life. Some of these health conditions are listed here.


Diabetes can damage the circulatory and nervous systems, which in turn puts women who have the disease at risk for low libido, diminished arousal, sexual pain, and the inability to have an orgasm.

The capillaries required to produce vaginal lubrication, are particularly vulnerable, so it’s no surprise that dryness is a common sexual issue in diabetic women.


Consider how hard it could be for someone with limited mobility to get into and hold common sexual positions. For some women with severe arthritis, even separating their legs wide enough to have intercourse is impossible.

The mechanics and ergonomics of sexuality can be challenging.

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Depression and anti-depressants

Depression and even the drugs used to treat it can profoundly affect libido and arousal; in fact, loss of libido can be the first sign of the illness.

Women with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or psychosis also often have issues that can be directly related to medication.

Heart disease

Heart disease is the number one killer of women and also a top killer of sexual function. But don’t be concerned that a bedroom romp might set off another heart attack. Having sex with your regular partner in your own bedroom barely bumps up your resting heart rate. OK, that’s a little depressing, but also one fewer libido-lowering worry.