Get a degree first before you criticise the government, Tanzanian rapper told

Rapper Roma Mkatoliki PHOTO/COURTESY

Tanzanian authorities has cautioned rapper Roma Mkatoliki against new song which criticizes the government, saying the musician “lacks the academic credentials” to question state policies.

“You can criticise but you should have the knowledge and education to qualify to be a critic. You can’t criticise someone like me, for example, if you have primary school education. I have four degrees,” Tanzania’s Arts and Information Minister, Harrison Mwakyembe told journalists.

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Ibrahim Mussa alias Roma, is known for his political activism.  In his new song Anaitwa he attacks the government’s decision to deploy the army to buy cashew nuts from farmers as a way of trying to force middlemen to increase their prices.

In the song he goes further to criticise President John Magufuli’s push to revive the National Air Tanzania, saying it would have instead been better to improve healthcare.

The music video has so far garnered more than 500, 00 views and 3,000 comments since it was uploaded on YouTube three days ago.

In 2017, musician was allegedly kidnapped and held for three days alongside three other bongo artists.