Galaxy Note 10 Rumors: Release Date, Price and Specs

Galaxy Note 10 Rumors: Release Date, Price and Specs
Galaxy Note 10 Rumors: Release Date, Price and Specs

Galaxy Note 10 Rumors: Release Date, and Specs

Samsung’s next flagship is coming August 7. Here’s everything you need to know. So far, 2019 has been a big year for Samsung smartphones, with multiple Galaxy S10 phones arriving on the scene and a mid-tier Galaxy A50 joining them. (The less said about the Galaxy Fold, the better.) But the year is far from over. Samsung is readying a big launch next month for the Galaxy Note 10. And, based on the rumors, you can expect more than one model.

Latest Galaxy Note 10 News (Updated July 18)

  1. The Galaxy Note 10 won’t be the only product Samsung unveils at its August 7 Unpacked event. Rumors are circulating about a new smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch Active 2, and a new Galaxy S6 Tab tablet.
  2. A Samsung insider says the Note 10 will use UFS3.0 storage, an upgrade over the UFS2.1 standard used in the Galaxy S10.
  3. Leaked benchmarks show the Exynos 9825, which will likely power Note 10 models sold outside the U.S., closing the performance gap with Apple’s iPhone.
  4. The Galaxy Note 10+ will reportedly support 45W charging, but a rumor suggests Samsung will only include a 25W charger with the phone. 

Galaxy Note 10: Release date and price

Look for the Galaxy Note 10 to debut in August, with Samsung scheduling a launch event for August 7. (That’s exactly what many rumors were predicting). That falls into line with Samsung’s recent release pattern for the Galaxy Note 8 and 9, which both appeared in August to allow the company to get the jump on the September debut of Apple’s new iPhones.

That same report also gives us a price range for the Galaxy Note 10, which is expected to cost around $1,000. That would give it the same starting price as last year’s Galaxy Note 9. A second model, the Galaxy Note 10+ (more on that below), will start at $1,200, Yonhap News Agency claims.

5G versions

As noted above, it looks like there are 4G and 5G Galaxy Note 10 versions in the works, similar to the approach Samsung took with the Galaxy S10 5G. XDA Developers was among the first to discover the presence of a 5G Note 10 when it found some code baked into Samsung’s kernel that points to a “davinci5G.” At first blush, that might not mean much, but Da Vinci is believed to be the code-name for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10. And the 5G mention is obviously a reference to a 5G version.

Not every 5G version of the Note 10 is going to make it to the U.S., though. The same Yonhap News Agency report that lists release date and pricing information for the upcoming phones says that only the 5G version of the Galaxy Note 10+ will be widely available. The Galaxy Note 10 5G looks like it will only ship in Samsung’s home market of South Korea.