Former President Mwai Kibaki is not in a critical condition — Private Secretary

Former President Mwai Kibaki. [Photo/Daily Nation]

Former President Mwai Kibaki is not in a critical condition— Private Secretary

Ex-president Mwai Kibaki is not under any serious health breakdown, his Private Secretary Ngari Gituku has disclosed.

Tension has risen in the country after unconfirmed reports revealed that Kibaki had been admitted to hospital on Monday.

Ngari rubbished the rumours stating that the octagenarian leader just visited the hospital for a routine check.

“It was a normal visit and there is nothing new,” Ngari told the Nation on phone.

“At his age and stature, they can check anything (during routine medical trips), including the hair follicle, the prostrate and eyesight,” he added.

Kibaki and his predecessor Daniel Moi have hit the headlines this week after reports they had visited hospitals due to alleged deteriorating health conditions.